Retail Technology
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Retail Technology

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Retail Technology is the original information technology (IT) solutions magazine for food, non-food, hospitality, leisure, financial services and variety retailers – in fact, any business-to-consumer (B2C) operator.

Retail Technology has been reporting on the changes in retailers’ use of IT since 1985. In that time, the magazine, and now website, has reflected the move by retailers from employing technology as an operational to a key strategic resource.

Technology can no longer be separated from the core business of staffing, merchandising, management, marketing, logistics and design. With ever-growing competition across growing sales channels that have no geographical boundaries, technology underpins store, ecommerce, mobile, call centre and mail order operations.

As a result, Retail Technology has moved with the times, from the early days of analysing how electronic point-of-sale (EPoS) equipment could automate checkout processes to today’s sophisticated multichannel environment, where retailers and brand owners are now using technology to extend the reach of the store, get closer to their customers and foster brand loyalty and affinity throughout the UK and the rest of the world.

Our focus therefore is on the business drivers and benefits behind the deployment of technology. By sticking close to senior business, marketing and IT retail management, we are able to provide best guidance on how information and communication technology systems can provide retailers with competitive advantage as they react to and implement change.

Our journalists and specialist writers have extensive experience and all have worked in retailing, marketing and IT. We are often invited on an exclusive basis to find out how suppliers are making innovative use of new technology and we attend the major international retail IT and marketing conferences.

Retail Technology offers the complete marketing solution. A snapshot of our readership profile is included below. Please contact Retail Technology Editorial Consultant, Bruce Ackland, for more information. 


  • Over 500K hits a month


  • Retail IT directors 40%
  • Finance directors 25%
  • Marketing directors 15%
  • Sales 15%
  • CEOs 5%


  • Opens 20%
  • Clickthroughs 20%

Geographic viewership

  • UK 40%
  • US 40%
  • Europe 10%
  • Asia 10%


  • Retail IT directors 45%
  • Finance directors 20%
  • Marketing directors 10%
  • CEOs 10%

Miya Knights
Publisher, Retail Technology