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Leading Scotch whisky and premium gin producer to automate application workload and enhance enterprise resource planning (ERP)  

Leading Scotch whisky and premium gin producer to automate application workload and enhance enterprise resource planning (ERP)


The wines and spirits manfacturer has selected UC4 Workload Automation Suite to enhance its ERP systems. The software will provide Chivas Brothers with extra flexibility and enhanced control of user driven and batch scheduled IT processing critical to its business operations.


Chivas Brothers, which has brands such as Chivas Regal, The Glenlivet and Beefeater Gin in its portfolio, relies upon JD Edwards’ (JDE) EnterpriseOne ERP software, which was acquired by Oracle, to manage its manufacturing, distribution and financial operations.


Spreading the ERP load


Following the implementation of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne as its strategic ERP platform, the company found it was powerless at peak periods, such as month end, to manage the impact of high-volume workload, resulting in poor performance and slowing down of critical processes. This lack of control combined with the potential risk of jobs being scheduled against the wrong queues needed to be addressed if business operations were going to be protected.


“We had no way of controlling the JDE system. We were powerless to stop things that were going wrong and unable to take instant action,” said Marc André, management information systems (MIS) applications manager at Chivas Brothers.


Chivas Brothers is following the direction taken by its sister company, PR-USA, selecting UC4 to automate its application workload, reducing runtimes and improving services for end users. Through dynamic scheduling and real-time monitoring of its overnight and user driven processes, Chivas Brothers will ensure systems are at their most effective at all times, meaning staff save time.

Putting power back in hands of business


“With UC4 we are aiming to regain control of our batch environment and improve on idle time. With the graphical analysis tool, we will also gain new visibility with an easy to operate system. We will soon be able to configure process flows, monitor activity and optimise workload to make everything even more efficient,” declared André.


“By automating its complex workloads, Chivas Brothers can reduce the manual workload for end users and minimise downtime. These efficiencies save time and money, freeing up staff to concentrate on improving the organisation’s overall performance,” added Alan Smith, UC4 Software UK and Ireland senior vice president.