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European arm of fashion brand delivers richer, faster online experience with network acceleration services

Quiksilver Europe has deployed website acceleration services from Limelight Networks to maximise website performance and enhance the online experience for its customers.

“Quiksilver is a very visual brand that employs a lot of media,” noted Thierry Bugeat, head developer for Quiksilver Europe. “Our challenge was to provide this content quickly and consistently to customers worldwide. Thanks to Limelight’s strong delivery infrastructure, we are delivering numerous high-quality videos to this large audience without any stuttering or interruption.”

Support for online growth

Quiksilver Europe, the outdoor sports lifestyle company, sells clothing and accessories oriented towards surfing, skateboarding, and snowboarding. Prior to employing Limelight’s services, the company hosted its entire web content in-house. As the retailer added more images and videos online, the company’s in-house resources became strained and website performance suffered. To help better balance this richer experience with site performance, the Quiksilver web team turned to Limelight’s website acceleration tools. Limelight now delivers between 80% and 95% of the retailer’s site content. 

“After working closely with us to explore our technical demands and identify our business requirements, Limelight devised a solution to meet our needs for the acceleration of small objects and video on demand,” stated Bugeat. “We are now able to face large audience without any apprehension and provide exceptional service in any location. What’s more, Limelight allowed us to simplify and optimise our infrastructure and enhance our customer experience without increasing costs.”

Expanding brand awareness

Quiksilver also organises multiple events and sponsors many athletes. Limelight recently helped the retailer showcase its main surf event, Quiksilver Pro France, which is followed on the web by millions of viewers worldwide. By leveraging Limelight’s reliable services, Quiksilver Europe was able to confidently provide its customers with the quality content they demand.

The Limelight engagement follows other technology announcements by the clothing brand as it invests to support growth. Last month it announced it was using an SAP industry solution to replace existing business software systems. And in December 2010, its Boardrider store in France became the first to take on new integrated electronic point-of-sale (EPoS) systems.

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