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KFC launches ordering and payment app

By Retail Technology | Thursday April 4 2013

Quick service restaurant chain partners with mobile shopping developer to launch first ever mobile ordering & payment app in the UK

KFC UK & Ireland has announced a new app aimed at streamlining the customer journey with Airshop interactive mobile ordering platform from provider Airtag.

The chain’s first ever mobile and web app for ordering and payments, called “KFC Fast Track,” allows customers who have downloaded the app, which is debuting on the iPhone, to select the closest or preferred ordering location from a geolocated list of KFCs with the Airshop service. 

Locating most convenient take out

Customers can then compile an order by selecting desired products and pay by credit card. After the order is paid for, they are sent a quick response (QR) code and order confirmation number for order pick up at their nominated KFC. Users can pick up their order any time on the day an order is placed. Upon arrival at the selected ordering location, they will need to do a mobile check-in to let KFC staff know they are present in the store. After doing the mobile check in, the user gets to skip the line and proceed directly to a unique checkout dedicated specifically to KFC Fast Track users.

The KFC Fast Track app service uses advanced features designed to provide a seamless ordering experience. These include geolocation, mobile and web ordering and payment capabilities, a mobile check-in feature for instore order recall and a customer account, so users can store ordering history, favourite products and payment details for one-click payments.

Accelerating service development

KFC has started piloting Airshop in ten restaurants across the UK – a centre for international trial and rollouts of technology based systems by its parent company, Yum! Brands, which also owns Pizza Hut and Taco Bell restaurant chains.

The app is available for iPhone users now and the web app is expected to be available soon for all connected devices Other plans for the Fast Track app also include the use of geofencing, so users can do the mobile check-in before even arriving at the restaurant.

“Our customers lead increasingly busy lives and KFC Fast Track is focused on helping them order, pay for and collect their food faster than ever before, delivering a great experience throughout,” said Paul Borrett, IT director of KFC UK & Ireland. “We look forward to working closely with Airtag and adding many more innovative features to KFC Fast Track in the coming months.”

The quick service restaurant (QSR) chain recently paved the way for its Fast track app announcement only last month by introducing free Wi-Fi to customers through provider The Cloud.

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