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New instore TV product aims to En-gage

By Retail Technology | Tuesday April 9 2013

Cloud-based digital signage system get commercial launch after successful development reduces costs and increases sales for UK pharmacy chain

A new digital signage system initially created to fulfil the marketing, technical and business requirements of the Rowlands Pharmacy chain has just had its commercial launch.

Marketing services provider Guerilla is introducing its in-store TV product, En-gage, as an online system it said allows for advertising content to be deployed to any number of screens, in any location. 

The total system, including hardware and software, delivers content to strategically positioned screens in order to interact with customers on a personal level and stimulate the desired response. The system also allows the user to monitor and control the estate of screens from one location, which usually is at a head office. 

Developed in the field

Since installation Rowlands has seen an upturn in sales, a reduction of print costs and increased revenue streams from their pharmaceutical suppliers. 

Mike Johnson, marketing manager at Rowlands Pharmacy, said: “Our retail outlets running En-gage saw a 54% increase in sales compared to the same promotions in stores with out the screens. The software is easy to use and is now the most powerful tool we have in communicating with our customers. With a click of a button we can respond to changes in the market place and then change content throughout our estate across the UK.”

Now with the En-age brand fully established, Guerilla reported that it was working on a market roll-out plan and is already in talks with large national retail chains. 

Reducing bandwidth needs

James Allen, managing director of En-gage, said: “We recognised that there was an opportunity to create our own digital signage solution, which would be more customer focused and more technically innovative than existing solutions. We created the software that would allow content to be pulled to screens on-site, reducing the bandwidth needed for a traditional system.”

“We built En-gage specifically so it is feature rich but can be used by anyone. By user testing the software over a four-year period we have created arguably the most intuitive digital signage tool on the market.”

En-gage is currently installed in over 500 locations.