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Jumbo selects Sysrepublic to secure stores

By Retail Technology | Thursday May 9 2013

Netherlands supermarket chain chooses loss prevention system to minimise losses across recently expanded supermarket and convenience store estate

Jumbo Supermarkets, the Netherland’s second largest supermarket chain, recently revealed it has invested in the Secure loss prevention software system from provider Sysrepublic

Jumbo is rolling out Secure across its 600-plus stores, including those recently acquired in its purchase of the C1000 convenience chain. The roll out is designed to ensure the brand can maintain its low prices while continuing to expand in the retail sector by protecting profits from being impacted through fraud and loss.

The Secure store system will monitor point-of-sale transaction to alert investigators to possible fraudulent activity or business processes that are acting against the best interests of the company. Often these can be the result of conflicting product pricing or promotions. But the system is also expected to detect employee theft and fraud.

Putting prevention to the test

“We really put Sysrepublic to the test by running the solution against our data and looking for results,” stated Hans Mathot, Jumbo security specialist. 

“What differentiates Secure Store is the degree of control and flexibility available to loss prevention and security personnel, without the need for technical expertise. Jumbo will quickly be self-sufficient, maximising the performance of our people.”

Sysrepublic also recently said that its Secure product is now responsible for reviewing 67% of retail grocery transactions conducted in the UK, counting Tesco, Marks & Spencer, IKEA and GAP among its customers.