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Kids' resort upgrades to Wi-Fi-as-a-Service

By Retail Technology | Thursday June 6 2013

Nickelodeon Suites Resort wireless roll out enables high-performance connectivity for parents and kids' TVs and mobile devices

Nickelodeon Suites Resort, an Orlando-based hotel designed to feature themes from the eponymous children's TV network, has deployed hundreds of access points (APs) from PowerCloud Systems to deliver wireless connectivity to its rooms, Wi-Fi enabled televisions and thousands of guests.

Working closely with California-based managed services provider Smart Hospitality, Nickelodeon Suites chose the PowerCloud system for its challenging wireless environment. The system has reportedly increased network performance, delivered reliable client connectivity and reduced the total cost of delivering Wi-Fi as a service to its guests. 

Delivering return on investment

"We've been extremely pleased with the Wi-Fi solution from PowerCloud," said Rodney Boudreaux, IT director at Nickelodeon Suites Resort.

"It has delivered reliable, enterprise-class coverage for our entire property. In fact, PowerCloud is the only solution we're aware of that could meet all of our performance, manageability and budgetary goals."

The vendor said 222 APs were installed in less than one week and the upgrade was completed while the hotel was fully occupied and with no impact on the guest experience.

Hotel IT monitor and manage the entire network using the provider's CloudCommand platform to ensure that guests are having a good connected experience.

Capacity to grow with demand

One of the most popular amenities of the hotel are Smart Hospitality's multiple wireless connected set-top boxes (STBs) in every suite. As adults and children bring an increasing number of connected mobile devices, a robust Wi-Fi network was also a main requirement.

PowerCloud's 'zero-touch' deployment capabilities, Smart Hospitality was able to ship APs directly to the resort. No onsite configuration was required other than plugging them in via the existing Ethernet connection.

The service provider then used CloudCommand to register the APs for security, enter the global configuration for the network, assign names and locations,] and then remotely direct the installers as to where to place them. The configurations were pre-set – when the installer plugged the AP in to the network at the hotel, the access point immediately 'phoned home' via the cloud, downloaded the provisioning protocols and security settings and began broadcasting.

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