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Freshways milks mobile automation benefits

By Retail Technology | Tuesday June 25 2013

UK dairy products supplier uses mobile implementation to removes human error and increases speed of payment

Freshways is using Casio IT-9000 handheld terminals preloaded with Roundsman Mobile software from Cobham Systems to automate the delivery process for its drivers.

The supplier of milk and cream to many wholesale, manufacturing and retail customers operates the UK’s largest independent processing diary in West London and busy depots in Manchester and Coventry among others.

Drivers from these locations can now use the Casio terminal, pre-loaded with the Roundsman Mobile software to supply Freshways’ range of own label and branded food, while automating back-office processes.

Boosting business efficiency

In the past Freshways’ delivery drivers used manual recording for delivery notes, money collection and returns, which were subsequently entered into their back-office management package, Roundsman Enterprise, back at the depot. 

It was decided that adopting an automated solution would ease inefficiencies, eradicate human errors and decrease driver workload while increasing the reliability of account input. 

Following the mobile implementation, key benefits now include visibility for the drivers on how much product is loaded and their round and all pre-ordered quantities. 

Drivers can add and amend deliveries, record returns and breakages, take photographs, record payments and capture signatures, and take a future order from the customer. They can also print delivery notes and produce end-of-round reports detailing deliveries and collections.

Mobile communications link

Two-way messaging with the office enables round progress and delivery details to be updated ‘live,’ improving customer service, as well as reliability.

Ravi Nijjar, director at Freshways, concluded: “Having implemented Roundsman Mobile on the Casio IT-9000, we have seen dramatic efficiency improvements throughout the business. The majority of human error in the delivery process has been removed, which means we have less queries and ultimately receive payments more quickly. 

"In addition, we have made cost savings on personnel and the drivers’ end-of-round procedure is far quicker. We’re so pleased that we have also rolled out to Manchester and Coventry already and plan for other depots around the country.”

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