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Burger King franchisee deploys mobile analytics app

By Retail Technology | Thursday July 4 2013

Hybrid Dining rolls out SaaS-based mobile analytics to restaurant managers and owners for real time decision-making support

UK Burger King franchisee, Hybrid Dining, has implemented the NCR Pulse Real-Time smartphone application, joining the 5,500 other sites worldwide. 

Available for iOS and Android devices, the Pulse Real-Time app is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) based mobile analytics engine designed to help give restaurant operators and owners visibility into current operational performance.

Real-time data for review
The application delivers up-to-the-second performance metrics and notifications directly to a user’s smartphone. Operational data is segmented for review, such as voids and comps, net sales by hour, employee performance and overtime alerts.
Rebecca Phillips, BK director at Hybrid Dining, said: “NCR Pulse Real-Time is a great application that basically increases efficiencies throughout my business. It allows a greater level of detail at our fingertips for each restaurant which in turn allows my operations team to challenge or praise instantly.”

Privately owned Hybrid Dining operates both a major Burger King franchisee and the Little Chef brand within the UK. This includes 83 restaurant outlets, serving more than 8 million customers each year.

Benefitting the bottom line

She added: “We can set up alerts as we wish and review all data including sales, promotions, voids, labour spend, individual product sales and up sell all as live data. This allows actions to be taken throughout the day to review productivity therefore having an overall benefit on our profit." 

Integrated with NCR restaurant point-of-sale (POS) platforms, application even allows the user to view the receipt of a customer that just sat down or paid their bill. 

"I am confident that the benefits we have seen so far will continue and allow my team to work far more efficiently within their regions, therefore reducing my overall overhead costs,” Phillips concluded.

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