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Unilever extends IT outsourcing contract

By Retail Technology | Tuesday August 27 2013

Partnership with BT will continue to help consumer packaged goods giant to continue to grow sustainably

Consumer packaged goods (CPG) company Unilever has awarded BT a three-year extension to its IT outsourcing contract.

This is the third time it has been extended since BT first won its first contract with the Anglo-Dutch company in November 2002.

Unilever operates on a global level with its world-leading brands, including Wall’s Ice Cream, Dove beauty products, Lipton and Knorr, which are consumed by two billion people daily. BT has worked with the company for over a decade, providing innovative and sustainable network services, which are helping the company grow its business more efficiently and sustainably.

Achieving growth with minimal impact

The new deal is intended to help it achieve its ambitious plans to grow its business, while reducing its environmental footprint and increasing its social impact.

As well as delivering an integrated network for the provision of voice, data, video and mobility services to the company’s 173,000 employees across nearly 100 countries, BT is also delivering collaborative services such as audio- and video-conferencing. These services are helping Unilever become an increasingly more agile business and introduce more sustainable ways of working.

Enabling its employees to work more flexibly, the increased the use of audio and video conferencing is helping Unilever reduce travel spend, increase productivity and efficiency and drive down costs. It also reduces its CO2 emissions and its overall impact on the environment, a key objective of the company’s sustainability ambitions. 

Continuous technology innovation

Paulo De Sa, infrastructure services vice president at Unilever, said: “Few companies can offer such world-class, global, innovative and sustainable solutions to help us achieve our ambitious vision and, in this context, we are delighted to be able to continue our partnership with BT.

“The continued innovative use of technology is helping us increase productivity by making our workforce more connected. We are becoming a more agile business and introducing more sustainable ways of working for our employees, customers and suppliers, as well as the two billion consumers who rely on our products every day.”

The original contract, announced in November 2002, was the first comprehensive global telecommunications outsourcing contract ever undertaken by BT and remains one of its largest global deals. 

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