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Lack of staff training hampers loss prevention

By Retail Technology | Wednesday October 9 2013

Industry learns to pass on tips and tricks onto staff to help them better spot fraudsters from poacher turned gamekeeper

An ex-fraudster has spoken out urging retailers to train staff to be more vigilant against crimes that could be costing them billions of pounds each year.
Tony Sales, who was once dubbed Britain’s biggest fraudster, created a lavish lifestyle out of defrauding retailers and financial institutions out of £30,000,000 through false identities, credit cards and other fraudulent schemes.
As poacher turned gamekeeper, Sales is now working with many retailers to close the loopholes in their loss prevention strategies and protect the all-important bottom line. He is claiming that one of the ways fraudsters are making millions is simply by relying on retailers not training their staff properly – especially when it came to fakes – and it is there for the fraudster’s taking.

ID fraud training gap
“It is easy for me to create a false photo ID and utility bill, so if I want to walk into your shop and sign up to store credit, the world is my oyster!” said Sales. “Plus, as a fraudster, I know that not many staff are trained to detect fraudulent ID. Couple this with the retailer’s ‘sell sell sell’ attitude when it comes to signing customers up to store credit, they play right into my hands.”
After reports from CIFAS that said two thirds of all fraud involve fake ID, Sales urged retailers to train staff so that they are aware of the very simple methods that retailers use to escape the fraudsters and help clamp down on losses.

Stemming crime tide

“The real flaw is keeping security on the shopfloor,” continued Sales. “All I have to do is convince that member of staff I am that real person, and, believe me, I always knew the right person to target.
"All retailers need to do is know how to spot a fake. Tiny details like when customers present a bank statement, did you know that genuine ones have holes punched in the side with perforated edges? If a customer shows you a utility bill, does the ink smudge when dampened? Once you know what to look for when looking at fakes, the task becomes so much easier – and you could be saving millions!”

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