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Victoria Supermarkets optimises pricing

By Retail Technology | Tuesday January 21 2014

Price optimisation agreement will enable Russian supermarket chain to use predictive analytics and demand-based science to compete more profitably

Victoria Supermarkets recently announced it has entered into a multi-year agreement to use Revionics Price Optimisation software.

The retailer operates 83 supermarkets in Russia and is owned by the DIXY Group, one of Russia’s largest national retail operators in the food retail market. 

The Revionics software will enable Victoria Supermarkets to adopt a shopper-centric approach to its pricing strategies and tactics. Using predictive analytics and demand-based science, the retailer will be able to build a more robust view of shoppers and competitors to drive better fact-based price decisions and respond more quickly to dynamic marketplace conditions. 

Cloud-based decision making support

The Revionics software-as-a-service (SaaS) based system was particularly attractive to Victoria Supermarkets due to its ability to enable rapid time-to-value, lower total cost of ownership and on-demand scalability. 

“Through a comprehensive industry search, we found that Revionics solution would help us adopt a smarter pricing strategy that would result in not only improving our customers’ shopping experience and our price image, but also help us obtain optimal profits and margins – it’s a win-win for us,” said Irana Katsiyeva, marketing director for Victoria Supermarkets.