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DeeBee selects vehicle routing and integrated real-time fleet tracking software

DeeBee selects vehicle routing and integrated real-time fleet tracking software


Independent food wholesaler, DeeBee has selected Optrak Distribution Software’s vehicle routing software to plan more efficient routes from its Grimsby-based depot.


DeeBee will also implement Optrak Realisation, a tracking solution integrated with TomTom WORK navigation systems, for real-time control over its vehicle fleet.


Craig O’Connor, managing director of DeeBee commented: “We chose Optrak's vehicle routing software after a detailed evaluation. Optrak demonstrated expertise in the food industry and showed a real willingness to understand our business requirements and the challenges we face. The Optrak team were then able to show how the vehicle routing software could deliver potentially dramatic improvements in transport planning, fleet utilisation and efficiency.”


Cost and service level improvement sought


DeeBee has expanded rapidly over the last four years. In order to cope with the resulting distribution challenges, DeeBee began a review of its operation to explore cost reduction and customer service improvement strategies. Introducing greater optimisation via the use of vehicle routing software was identified as a key method of achieving these goals.


DeeBee supplied prospective vendors with two days of operational data to analyse and this is where Optrak began to excel. O’Connor noted: “Optrak asked us a series of detailed questions about our operation and from this built an accurate model of how our business carries out route planning. Their analysis was precise and accurate and the proposed changes to our routing were realistic and achievable. Optrak showed that we could reduce fleet mileage by up to 15%, and that, by planning more efficiently, we could achieve the same amount of work using fewer shifts which, ultimately saves us money. I have complete confidence that Optrak will pay for itself within twelve months.”


Satellite navagation integration bonus


DeeBee will also implement Optrak Realisation, a powerful add-on to Optrak’s routing software, which incorporates real-time tracking, reporting, telematics and business intelligence, and integrates with TomTom WORK. O’Connor was confident that together with Optrak’s routing software that this will also drive customer service improvements by ensuring greater control and visibility over fleet movements. He added: ”Optrak Realisation will enable DeeBee to closely monitor service levels and the system will warn if any customers are at risk of a failed delivery. We can clearly see where any delays are impacting on our delivery promise and we can take proactive action to notify the customer or reschedule deliveries if required.”


Tim Pigden, managing director of Optrak added: “The most complex issue in modelling DeeBee’s requirements was to ensure proper treatment of the ‘thermotainers’ that allow mixed temperature distribution in a box vehicle. Just one item of frozen food requires the use of a thermotainer, which takes up a whole pallet space – but 10 items to different customers still fit in that same container. Optrak’s load packing system deals with this and allows us to make full use of the vehicle space.”


DeeBee will implement the GO7000 TomTom WORK units that, in addition to providing real-time information on fleet movements, can provide traditional sat-nav route instructions, which is especially useful for agency drivers who are not familiar with the local area.