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App connects Unilever supplier data

By Retail Technology | Monday March 10 2014

Consumer goods multinational helps its suppliers complete audits and assessments on the go with new iPad app from supply chain software provider

A new mobile application being used by consumer packaged goods (CPG) giant Unilever has just been launched commercially by its developer, food supply chain quality assurance and compliance specialist, Muddy Boots Software.

The Greenlight Assessments iPad App is a data collection tool for completing audits and assessments on the go and has been designed to enhance Muddy Boots’ existing Quickfire system by offering a portable data collection system for suppliers.
The developer said Quickfire manages and monitors the process of harvesting large amounts of data more effectively by enabling businesses like Unilever to collaborate with their suppliers on any type of audit or assessment, allowing information to be shared both up and down a supply chain.

Satisfying customers’ requirements
Josh Snook, business development manager at Muddy Boots, said the complex nature of the food industry dictates that many of the developer's customers across the supply chain are required to complete lengthy assessments in order to satisfy their customers’ requirements. 

"It is our job to simplify this process while maintaining rigour and data integrity," he commented. "Quickfire is very good at allowing organisations to collect and share large amounts of data effectively, but the addition of the Greenlight Assessments iPad App will significantly reduce the amount of time it takes for our customers and their suppliers to complete this process.
“Now, our Quickfire customers are able to complete audits and assessments easily from any location, without the need for internet connectivity, using an intuitive touchscreen platform.”

Step in a sustainable direction
David Pendlington, procurement operations director at Unilever, stated: “The Greenlight Assessments App from Muddy Boots provides another simple and flexible way for Unilever suppliers to collect data. 

"Using the app, assessments can now be completed when travelling or during farm visits, making data collection and submission a more efficient and streamlined process. This means that Unilever can view supplier sustainability achievements without delay."

Pendlington added: "Partnerships with our suppliers are key to us delivering the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan and this is another step in the right direction.”
The app is available free of charge and was released to Apple's App Store at the beginning of February. Snook concluded: "We have been delighted with the positive feedback so far.”

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