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The THOM Europe Group upgrades PoS

By Retail Technology | Monday April 14 2014

Stylish new point-of-sale terminals provide modern, branded IT functionality for French chain of retail jewellery outlets throughout mainland Europe

The THOM Europe Group has chosen sango point-of-sale (PoS) terminals from the AURES Group to renew its in-store IT equipment across France, Belgium, Portugal and Italy.

The European retail jewellery retailer, with brands including Histoire d’Or, Marc Orian and Trésor, opted to upgrade its retail store till hardware through AURES as its long-term provider.

“We started working with Histoire d’Or in 2003,” explained Gérard Putatti, AURES Group director of corporate sales. “The brand quickly renewed its trust in us when the Odyssé model was launched in 2005: its design and flexible colours – including a specific 'Histoire d’Or' red, specially developed by AURES at the time – were chosen by the brand immediately.”

Complementary hardware branding

The THOM Europe Group brand stores will now be updated with sango PoS terminals, representing several thousand till management and electronic PoS (EPoS) systems, will be rolled out over approximately three years. 

The PoS systems will feature specific colours and designs, integrated to its central IT systems and in harmony with the visual identity of its three corporate brands.

“The positioning and complementarity of our corporate brands and associated store concepts is extremely important to the THOM Group,” explained Thierry Gallois, THOM Europe Group infrastructure and networks manager.

“With its evermore innovative and contemporary EPoS designs, the AURES Group has once again made all the difference, providing ideal support for changes made to our various concepts. 

"This includes the highly strategic till area, which is an integral part of our reflection on PoS marketing. Having a wide choice of flexible, customised colours - in perfect harmony with our visual identity – is a major asset for us.”

“We also chose sango terminals for their high performance, reliability, powerful processors and memory capacity,” said Philippe Le Berre, head of IT Systems at THOM Europe Group.

High-performance technology

“We really appreciate the fact that these EPoS can be upgraded since this guarantees uniform, long-lasting IT equipment,” he added. 

“Our heavy and multiple IT processes require very reliable till management and EPoS systems: AURES equipment rarely breaks down, which was another key argument confirming our choice.”

Le Berre also point to the ergonomic design of the AURES’ EPoS equipment as an asset. “The sango system’s slim touchscreens can be adjusted to the right height by tilting. This is an added bonus for our checkout assistants: it protects their eyes against unwanted glare from our lighting.”

He added: “The multiple connectivity is also an important feature since we use many peripherals: it is therefore easy to connect several types of barcode scanners, inventory scanners, webcams (e.g. for valuing and repairing jewellery), mini keyboards and cash drawers using the sango's numerous COM and USB ports.

“All our instore staff are in a position to operate checkouts, at any time. After visual assessments (of design and colours) and technical tests at the Group's head office, our sales staff tested the AURES hardware for the project’s final approval. Ease of use and ergonomic design were essential.”

Gallois concluded: “Lastly, the sango's lightweight, offset stand frees up space beneath the system's touchscreen, which is a really good idea. Since there is no heavy base, certain peripherals can be accommodated and grouped together more easily. It's very practical. AURES’ EPoS terminal concept is perfectly in tune with all our needs.”

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