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Tesco launches new social selling campaign

By Retail Technology | Monday August 11 2014

The retail giant has extended its social selling strategy to Tesco Direct

Tesco has launched a new word-of-mouth social selling campaign for its Tesco Direct range of products.

Working with social selling platform Buyapowa, the retailer is building on previous social selling experience in its Grocery division. The campaign enables customers to shop for good deals and to earn exclusive rewards when pre-ordering the latest video games such as new ‘game-of-the-year’ contender Destiny.

Social rewards

Customers can benefit from a co-buy mechanism to lower the price of products and can win rewards by creating the a social media buzz. Prizes such as free games, merchandise and bonus content will also be on offer to those who can encourage the most friends to buy into the deals.

The introductory co-buy on the entertainment products in Tesco’s Direct range is to be followed by further co-buy offers across a broad range of products, as the retailer looks to extend the offers to more areas.