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A close shave with social media currency

By Retail Technology | Friday September 5 2014

A 'social media barber shop,’ where customers can pay for grooming with social media posts, will go live 18 September in London

Online retailer and Marylebone-based grooming room Man Made London are launching what is being dubbed the ‘world's first social media barber shop’, where customers will be able to pay grooming by posting comments on social media using the dedicated hashtag #ShaveMeSir. 

From 18th – 20th September 2014, customers will be able to visit Man Made London, located in London’s Marylebone area and use Facebook posts, Tweets and Instagram posts as payment for a wet shave or beard trim. 

The project is supported by the TINT social media aggregation platform and a TINT wall will be projected around the barber shop to showcase the tweets and Instagram posts that visitors will be posting under the dedicated hash tag. TINT’s analytical platform will also be used to assess the performance of the barber shop project.

The pop-up shop will also offer refreshments and the ability to browse and shop’s brands in store, enter competitions. 

“Both our brands are active on social media, enjoy engaging with loyal supporters and customers and we are excited to create a unique and enjoyable experience for them as a way of saying thank you,” said co-founder Rupa Ganatra.

“Man Made and have worked together for almost year and we have a great partnership. By launching London’s first social pop-up barbers it will give us a chance to showcase what we do and bring together the finest products with the finest gentlemen’s grooming,” said Dan Gregory, Man Made founder and creative director.