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Retail Technology

3D kiosks for Discount Drug Mart

By Retail Technology | Monday July 3 2017

Discount Drug Mart in the US has entered into an agreement to install 3D kiosks inside stores

It's multi-year partnership agreement with Provision Interactive Technologies will see the kiosks offer 3D holograph graphics and in-store advertising, including exclusive Discount Drug Mart promotions, to provide customers highly effective sales offers at the point-of-purchase.
"The Provision 3D Savings Center will provide opportunities for customers to achieve even more savings," said David Bergman, VP of advertising at Discount Drug Mart.  "Discount Drug Mart customers will enjoy an engaging 3D holographic experience and be immediately rewarded with coupons, promotions, and other give-ways for both in-store products and wellness-related local professional services, such as doctors, dentists, and optometrists."

Each unit also has a 2D interactive touch screen that provides consumers access to information as well as Discount Drug Mart promotions, rewards, and coupons.  Brand marketers will be able to showcase their products via 3D advertising and engage viewers via the interactive touch screen interface.

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