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CASE STUDY: Sally Salon set for expansion with ERP

By Retail Technology | Friday November 24 2017

Beauty retailer and distributor Sally Salon Services has positioned itself for expansion by rolling out enterprise resource planning (ERP) software

HSO is rolling out the enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution, Microsoft Dynamics AX, to help drive business growth and operational efficiencies for Sally Salon Services.

Sally Salon Services existing business technology was becoming increasingly outdated and lacked sufficient functionality and flexibility to support the organisation as it expanded over time. 

It was looking for a way to future-proof itself by moving away from these outmoded legacy systems and embracing new technology with both a proven historical track record
and a clearly-defined future growth path. 


Microsoft Dynamics AX fitted the bill in all these respects - but Sally Salon Services was also looking for an implementation partner it could trust. It chose HSO.

Sally Salon Services wanted the reassurance of working with a partner who not only really understood the Dynamics AX platform well but also had a comprehensive knowledge of the core market in which they operate: retail.  

It became the partner of choice by putting forward a project team, featuring a good mix of Dynamics AX experts but also retail specialists that spoke the same business language as Sally Salon Services.

The implementation of Dynamics AX is now well underway, with the project taking place in three phases and two phases having already gone live. 

First phase was to transition Sally Salon Services finance function over to the new solution, and the second phase covered product set-up, pricing management, account processing and invoicing. 

The third phase, scheduled for completion in 2018, will address inventory and stock management; sales order processes and customer contact/management. 


Once this stage concludes, Sally Salon Services will have a comprehensive enterprise-wide 
business processing platform, based on Microsoft Dynamics AX, that effectively paves the way for future business expansion. 

Mark Purnell, head of IT development, Sally Salon Services, says: “Some of the operational IT systems we had been using previously were either coming towards end of life or were no longer supported. In contrast, there is a clear future roadmap for Microsoft Dynamics AX. We know the system will be able to evolve to match our own expansion plans and we know that HSO will be able to support us through this process.”

Sally Salon has already established a more consistent way of working across the organisation and driven efficiencies and streamlined processes, resulting in a robust, reliable and future-proofed platform on which to further build the business.

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