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Lovehoney relies on the personal touch

By Retail Technology | Thursday April 12 2018

Lingerie and adult gift retailer Lovehoney is making life easier for new buyers with real-time personalisation software

The company has implemented Monetate’s personalisation solution while utilising customer experience consultancy LeanConvert.

The adult retail industry faces a unique challenge with new customer acquisition, with first time buyers having worries when it comes to the issue of whether their purchase choice is 'normal'.

Using the Monetate platform and its Session Stream API, LeanConvert created a live feed of
data to highlight the popularity of the product being viewed. 

Social proof 

By providing messaging such as "485 visitors have viewed this product in the last 24hrs", Lovehoney eases consumers' insecurities and facilitates an easy purchase process leveraging "social proof", when people look to the actions of others in an attempt to reflect correct behaviour. 

Lovehoney has increased order conversion rate by 7.37% for new visitors by using advanced segmentation and personalisation capabilities via the Monetate platform. 

Customer segments saw a 4% uplift using the combination of Monetate and LeanConvert. 

"We strive to provide world-class service to our prospects and customers in every way, across all channels," said Matthew Curry, head of ecommerce at Lovehoney. "By using powerful data, insights and personalised experiences, we were able to give existing customers and new visitors the confidence to make their purchases."

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