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7-Eleven upgrades supply chain

By Retail Technology | Thursday April 26 2018

US convenience retailer 7-Eleven has maintained superior full rates and reduced inventory costs with new supply chain software

The company has successfully deployed a range of JDA Software solutions in the JDA Cloud including JDA(r) Demand, JDA(r) Fulfillment and JDA(r) Order Optimization to manage its inventory and streamline its supply chain processes. 

7-Eleven chose JDA in order to gain deeper visibility into its inventory to reduce high levels of out-of-stocks and decrease expiries. 

With JDA, 7-Eleven will fill each store's perishable orders efficiently while planning for each store's demand in multiple quantities and load types across multiple distribution centers. 

Dean Burkett, 7-Eleven director of demand planning, said: "JDA has put 7-Eleven in a position to take control of our inventory, allowing us to maintain our expected 99% fill rates while managing our product expiry/write-offs down to 1% of our inventory holding costs." 

Better insight

The deployment has given the company better insight into its inventory as part of the planning process, and driven efficiencies across order planning and demand forecasting. 

JDA Services and JDA Cloud were key contributors to the project success, making the implementation agile and faster to deliver. 

Already, 7-Eleven has been able to cut order lead so stores can order items on their first order date. Overall, the deployment's concise demand plan and more accurate inventory ordering enables 7-Eleven to be more proactive with its suppliers about reducing costs across the supply chain. 

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