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CASE STUDY: Nelly in fashion with customer engagement

By Retail Technology | Friday May 4 2018

Scandinavian online fashion retailer NELLY and NLY Man has enhanced its customer engagement with an overhaul of its content production strategy with new software

In the age of fast fashion, shoppers expect the latest styles to be accessible to them immediately, they’ll shop based on the retailer that can provide the latest. Therefore, today’s retailers digital content must keep up with the pace and move even faster than before. For online-only retailers like NELLY, it is essential that rich media, such as interactive product images, can be created and delivered rapidly to the consumer to capitalize on the style of the day.

NELLY is no stranger to the challenging pace of the industry. However, to fully realise its potential the brand needed a rethink of its content production strategy. A series of disparate systems managing different parts of the production process limited its speed to market. Only an integrated, agile solution would allow NELLY to scale with its ambition.

The retailer turned to Amplience for more efficient asset management and a better way to deliver inspiring experiences to their consumer rapidly. NELLY chose the Amplience platform for its superior functionality, ease of use and comprehensive features set. 

Consolidated process 

The platform would allow it to move away from a dislocated production cycle and put in place a single, consolidated process from creation to delivery. Another critical requirement for NELLY, was to work with a partner who provided a good level of communication and support, something previously lacking from their legacy provider.

The implementation period was crucial, as NELLY required a system that could get up and running quickly. This was no easy task as across the two websites – and – there were 1.1 million image assets that had to be transferred over to the new platform.

The Amplience project team worked closely with the retailer to ensure the new system would be delivered in time and, in just two months, the team successfully moved all assets away from the old system and onto the new platform.

Implementation was eased by having Amplience’s expert consultants on hand to help NELLY’s content and eCommerce teams adapt. They shared their platform knowledge at every stage to ensure the system was working optimally, shortening the delivery timescale.

Content delivery 

NELLY’s teams can now quickly access all of its image assets from the cloud and from here they can be quickly adapted and delivered when the need arises. In today’s ever-changing market this functionality is crucial for responding to the latest trends with engaging content.

Amplience also optimises content delivery across every online channel. The platform’s Dynamic Media solution automates image, video and analytics workflows to make it easier to create product pages that showcase the best aspects of NELLY’s products. Content is automatically transcoded into the best file format for a consumer’s device, ensuring the same, high-quality experience anywhere and at any time.

NELLY is eager to expand its content variety to provide customers with the most diverse, engaging online experiences. Compared to many other retailers, NELLY has a uniquely young, connected and mobile customer base that is very different from past generations of shoppers. 

Social content

In addition to the brand website, these consumers engage with retailers on social media and take inspiration from what their peers are wearing and sharing online.

As part of phase two, Amplience is helping NELLY integrate social into its online experience with its built-in User Generated Content (UGC). Using this capability will allow NELLY to automate the curation and placement of social content, such as fan pictures and reviews, into its product pages and digital channels. The combination of branded and social content will improve conversions by giving shoppers the social proof they need to complete their purchase.

The retailer is also working with Amplience to implement Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) to create dynamic, interactive banners and image hotspots to provide more informative content to consumers.

Henrik Palmquist, CTO at NELLY said: “As a leading retail solutions provider, Amplience has a clear roadmap for future features and improvements that align to our development plans. This has greatly helped us, providing a clear timeline for NELLY to develop our own customer engagement strategy in tandem.”