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RT-Mart undergoes digital upgrade

By Retail Technology | Wednesday June 20 2018

Asian hypermarket chain RT-Mart has undergone a digital transformation of its 400 stores

The retailer has used New Retail technology developed by Chinese ecommerce behemoth Alibaba Group for the digital upgrade. 

Using Alibaba’s Hema supermarket as a model, RT-Mart has rolled out a series of features aimed at improving the shopping experience for customers. 

Customer insights

Changes include in-store fulfillment of online orders and interactive kiosks.

As part of the digital makeover, RT-Mart gains access to Alibaba’s customer insights, supply-chain management, retail technologies and electronic payments via Alipay.

RT-Mart CEO Peter Huang said: “New Retail has introduced a new way of thinking. By digitising the store’s operation, the online and offline business merge into one and boost online transaction volume.”

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