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Kellogg’s cereal gets voice-enabled

By Retail Technology | Thursday August 16 2018

Kellogg’s cereal Special K has launched an Alexa voice-enabled skill to provide people with nutritional tips

The popular breakfast item enters the world of voice-enabled technology with relevant, easy-to-digest advice, facts and myth-busters. 

Special K Alexa Skill will also help people to power through their day by offering prompts like how to up their intake of iron, different kinds of carbs and fats, and the best bets for B vitamins

Roisin Devine, digital marketing manager Special K, Kellogg Europe said: “We know that for people trying to balance a healthy diet with a busy lifestyle, the struggle can be very real. So, we’ve used the power of Amazon Alexa to create a voice-enabled service to help making positive choices about food easier.”

Tailored insights

The Special K Alexa Skill is designed to be a long-term partner, delivering SMART tailored insights at key moments throughout the day and year so users can make informed food choices. 

The Special K Alexa Skill has been developed by Digitas for Kellogg’s and is available in the UK. 

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