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Molton Brown freshens up stock accuracy

By Retail Technology | Thursday September 6 2018

Luxury fragrance brand Molton Brown has gone mobile to improve stock accuracy and visibility

It’s now using Datalogic’s Memor mobile computer across its 58 independent stores in UK, US and Ireland.

Challenges surrounding the frequency and accuracy of stock takes conducted by a third party were the driving force behind Molton Brown’s search for a solution. 

The consensus from the business was that the third-party audits of its stock were not as accurate as they needed to be and as they were only conducted annually, resulted in poor visibility of stock levels for a long period of time.

Initial discussions around a solution began with Datalogic partner, Mobile Data Collection (MDC), who talked to Molton Brown about its stock taking software and showed the company some of the handheld mobiles computers they could use to capture data in store.

Bhavesh Patel, technical application leader at Molton Brown, said: “We didn’t want to select a device that would suit our requirements at the time but then find that we needed to upgrade them in a few years to gain additional functionality. The Datalogic Memor device met these requirements and would provide our staff with a durable device that wasn’t too bulky and comfortable to use for scanning during stock take periods.”

Bespoke software

To ensure that Molton Brown was able to conduct its first stock take with the new solution by the required deadline, experts Mobile Data Collection expedited the software deployment, writing bespoke software from scratch that met Molton Brown’s exact requirements in just two weeks.

“We were thrilled with the extremely quick and professional service that Mobile Data Collection provided to ensure that the 143 devices and 72 cradles, were rolled out and ready for our first stock take,” added Patel. “The Memor devices performed very well and received very positive feedback from our store teams.”

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