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Orlebar Brown makes splash with cloud marketing

By Retail Technology | Wednesday October 10 2018

Poolside holiday clothing brand Orlebar Brown has enjoyed early success after switching to AI infused cloud marketing

The company chose the Emarsys Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled marketing platform to bridge the gap between cross-channel marketing and customer experience activities, and thereby improve overall engagement across all its customer contact points. 

Since moving to the Emarsys platform just a few months ago, Orlebar Brown has already seen a marked improvement in customer engagement across social channels and delivered three times more interactions for the brand using automated product recommendations.
An expanding global brand, Orlebar Brown has recently extended its apparel lines into full holiday collections, it doesn’t discriminate between online or offline channels to communicate and engage with its customers. It wanted to better understand each contact as an individual and execute highly personalised campaigns at scale.
Actionable insights

The Emarsys AI-driven platform’s ability to create unified customer profiles enabled the brand to do just that, by providing up-to-date information that was able not only to measure the overall effectiveness of each marketing decision, including the places where they can generate more revenue, but also offer valuable and actionable insights into customer behaviour and lifecycle stage. 

Orlebar Brown achieves this using the Emarsys Smart Insight analytics and intelligence tool in conjunction with Emarsys Automation Center, Email Recommendation and CRM ads social media channel solutions.
“We are grateful to have a loyal customer base and pride ourselves in having always provided a very personalised offering. However, as the company grows so does the challenge to maintain this level of 1-2-1 interaction,” said Jamie De Cesare, digital director at Orlebar Brown. “We know a lot about our customers already, but by taking the Emarsys Transform Plus package, which offers an unprecedented level of support and consultancy, we were able to decrease the time-to-value these insights afford through well scoped out preparation and forecasting.”
Orlebar Brown is also using Emarsys’ extensive AI capabilities, such as Send Time Optimisation, Predict and Web Channel, which means that the retailer can execute more effectively and in real-time on cross-channel campaigns. 

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