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IMRG protects its Internet Shopping Is Safe (ISIS) brand online with SOLID from First Cyber Security to protect brand online

IMRG, the global e-commerce trade association, has selected First Cyber Security’s SOLID Authentication service to protect its brand online and reduce internet fraud. 

This new service verifies when consumers are connected to an organisations’ authentic website, helping to protect shoppers and other web users from fraudulent web sites. In addition, First Cyber Security’s SOLID 3PV service, protects the IMRG Internet Shopping is Safe (ISIS) brand online. The ISIS brand shown by a logo displayed on the accredited retailer websites is dynamically verified, giving the consumer confidence that this logo has not been fraudulently copied.

Extensive market coverage

“The ISIS brand was introduced in 2002 and now has the support of over 1,000 e-retailers from major household names to smaller more specialised retailers. ISIS-accredited retailers now account for approximately two thirds of all UK online shopping. Use of the ISIS logo commits our members to a code of conduct when selling goods and services online,” explained Lucie Burton, the ISIS accreditation manager at IMRG.

“Our research has shown that many consumers use the existence of the ISIS logo on a website and its confirmation certificate as an assurance of a reputable organisation, encouraging them to transact with the retailers displaying the logo. This makes protecting the ISIS logo online a key priority for IMRG and First Cyber Security will help us to do that.”

Fraudsters looking to make their website look more appealing copy logos and in some instances the certificates, to emulate reputable organisations and fool the consumer into buying goods or services from their sites. Often the goods never show up, if they do they are more than likely of substandard quality, leading to an unhappy consumer and reputation damage for the organisation.

Matching brand with validation

Rod Pugh, managing director of First Cyber Security said: “We are delighted to have IMRG as a subscriber to our service, consumers benefiting from our service will now be able to see ISIS logos validated on the fly, on over 1,000 retail web sites. IMRG’s focus on representing e-retail organisations gives them an unprecedented insight into the challenges consumers face online. Fraudsters continue to employ ever more credible tactics to fool consumers into using their sites including faking certificates and claiming unapproved associations. The existence of a logo on a website designed to give consumers confidence in an association or security is no longer enough.”

Targeted to protect organisations’ digital presence, the First Cyber Security ‘SOLID’ service allows consumers to verify that the website they are visiting is authentic and any associations claimed are real.

The vendor's SOLID Authentication, SOLID 3PV and SOLID 3PX have been developed to overcome internet security vulnerabilities such as, cyber-squatting, typo-squatting, phishing, pharming, DNS poisoning, man-in-the-middle attacks, frame spoofing logo/brand abuse and gives protection against certificate vulnerabilities and malware.