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Rimi Baltic optimises pricing

By Retail Technology | Friday February 15 2019

Baltic grocer Rimi Baltic has selected new price optimisation software to enhance customer engagement

The company has been looking for a more analytics- and data-driven approach to pricing, leading to the selection of Revionics’ AI-based price optimisation solution. 

Like grocers everywhere, Rimi Baltic faces a challenging and fast-changing retail landscape including the proliferation of discounters, increasingly price-sensitive shoppers and fierce competition from online competitors.
The three-year contract for Revionics Price Optimization will enable Rimi Baltic’s pricing and category management teams to deliver prices that shoppers want on the items that matter most to them.

Deep science 

It will also leverage sophisticated science to recover margins elsewhere and positively impact the bottom line.  

Judit Campos, assortment and buying director for Rimi Baltic, said: “We value Revionics’ deep science and strong commitment to productive partnering.  Rimi Baltic is excited about leveraging Revionics’ AI pricing capabilities to deliver the win-win: better pricing for our customers while enhancing our overall business performance.”

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