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CASE STUDY: Godiva sweetens IT performance

By Retail Technology | Thursday February 21 2019

Globally renowned luxury chocolatier Godiva has overcome its worldwide IT update issues with new software

For the past ninety years, Godiva’s culinary artistry has positioned it as a leader in the chocolate industry. 

Founded in a home-atelier in Brussels, Godiva now has a presence in more than 100 countries around the world – from Europe to Asia and North America.
However, such a widespread global presence has created challenges when it comes to IT with Godiva having stores in Belgium, France, UK, Germany, Italy, US, Japan, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore. 

It also has admin offices located in over 80 countries and its production servers – used to deploy and host live websites or Web applications, which have been passed as production-ready – are located in Belgium and the US. 

Cumbersome installations

Understandably, Godiva’s IT admin team has found performing local country IT installations both time-consuming and cumbersome. 

To update one application, the team had to update all PC desktops for every user. A scenario that has become increasingly frustrating. 

As a result, Godiva sought to identify an inexpensive solution that could simplify IT management.
After an extensive selection process, Godiva chose to install Parallels Remote Application Server (RAS) at its production site in Belgium and started realising immediate benefits. 

Parallels RAS made all application updates simple and easy, enabling Godiva to update once on the production server and then publish the update remotely to all users’ desktops. 

Critical timesaver 

This ability to upgrade all applications in one fell swoop, making updates instantly available to all employees and eliminating the need to address each PC separately, has become a significant and critical timesaver.
Regardless of the type of end user device, Godiva is able to securely publish applications while also being able to manage the entire infrastructure from a centralised dashboard. 

This simplified IT management solution helps Godiva reduce downtime and increase work productivity, allowing it to concentrate on making delicious chocolate for its millions of customers throughout the globe.

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