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Vorwerk UK cleans up with IP telephony

By Retail Technology | Monday April 1 2019

Household products and cosmetics brand Vorwerk UK have seen an uptick in customer satisfaction and team growth with IP telephony

ANT Telecom has supported Vorwerk UK with the deployment of an IP telephony and multimedia contact centre solution. 

Prior to this, the company didn’t have a particularly advanced telephony system in place.

Rob Newton, operations manager at Vorwerk UK, explained: “If a customer call or email came in, these would be picked up and dealt with by a member of the team, but there was no way of reporting how each particular enquiry was being handled, and by whom, which made it difficult to implement improvements to our customer service.”

There was also no way of prioritising enquiries, or ensuring multiple enquiries from a single customer were handled by the same member of the team. 

In addition, as the business began to grow, managing capacity within the team became more challenging. Inbound calls were not routed and so all telephones would ring as a result, which were answered by the same members of staff each time and ignored by others.

Customer satisfaction 

As sales continued to pick up pace, a dedicated Customer Service team was established and, in 2014, Vorwerk UK sought an advanced telephony system to manage its agents and monitor customer satisfaction. 

For the four years following, Vorwerk has benefitted from the deployment of IP telephony across its UK operation and multimedia contact centre software to support its expanding Customer Service team. 

Scalability was an essential requirement of the solution for a business that has since doubled its sales, and grown its Customer Service team three-fold to manage call volumes of approximately 2,000 per week.