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Stylish upgrade for Net-a-Porter app

By Retail Technology | Tuesday May 21 2019

Yoox Net-a-Porter (YNAP) has upgraded its Net-a-Porter app as part of its mobile innovation programme

App users can now enjoy  a smoother, faster content and commerce experience, featuring richer product pages and an all-new shoppable editorial platform that gives digital readers access to signature content including travel tips and ‘what to wear’ recommendations from its dedicated style council.
Building on the Group’s focus on offering customers an intuitive and personalised experience via mobile, the new app incorporates an in-house developed design system - Hive - to create a highly visual and seamless journey through the app.
Hive is built on modular and reusable components, enabling the Group to rapidly introduce new features to further enhance the user experience. 

Personalised content 

Relaunched in December 2018, the MR PORTER iOS app was the first to be redesigned using Hive and today the Net-a-Porter and MR PORTER apps share not only a common design language but a code base enabling new features to be rolled out across both quickly and simultaneously.
Over time the new data analytics layer released as part of the refresh will enable the delivery of even greater personalised content, tailored to the individual customer.
Olivier Schaeffer, global COO of YNAP, said: “Harnessing the unparalleled design and technology expertise of our teams, the updated NET-A-PORTER app is yet another significant step in our journey to deliver luxury content, product and service in new and better ways, engaging our customers around the world.”

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