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Digital marketing going swimmingly for Orlebar Brown

By Retail Technology | Wednesday May 22 2019

Premium mens swimwear retailer Orlebar Brown has seen a 20% rise in online revenue after enhancing customer service by transforming digital marketing

The company started using Emarsys’ marketing automation and personalisation six months ago and has already graduated from executing simple transactional mailings to deliver more mature, multi-step, multi-channel programs that not only bring more interactions for the brand than its previous weekly campaigns, but also improve customer satisfaction.

Being able to land targeted offers and messages in the right communication channel with precision and relevance has resulted in favourable commercial performance indicators, with figures well above the bench line.  

Retention campaigns for instance have seen open rates rise by 40% on average, with Abandon Cart alone leading to an almost 10% increase in conversions.

Customer journey 

Rich customer data and advanced profiling capabilities enabled by Emarsys, allowed the company to understand where and how customers engaged, and can now make the most of the short time they get to interact with them.  Improving the customer journey has notably also driven loyalty.

Jamie De Cesare, Digital Director at Orlebar Brown said: “Emarsys allows Orlebar Brown to give its customers an incredible experience by providing actionable insights that enable us to take a pure customer-centric and consistent approach with our marketing, online and instore.”
Other marked improvements can be seen in expanded lifecycle programmes which previously typically only comprised of basic standalone ‘Welcome’ campaigns.  Today the company has tactics for ‘Post Purchase’ and ‘Win-back’ drives already performing optimally, as well as bespoke customer re-engagement communications that have been particularly successful with programmes like ‘Abandon Cart’ and ‘Abandon Browse’.
Emarsys CRM ads, first deployed in Autumn 2018 has also proven hugely valuable both to the business and customers, pulling the power of data collected by and analysed on the Emarsys platform, to accurately target any contact online including those who have not yet either visited the website, responded to content or have proven otherwise unreachable.

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