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Chi Chi London upgrades digital experience

By Retail Technology | Monday June 24 2019

Fast fashion retailer Chi Chi London has launched its new ecommerce platform as part of its digital upgrade

Operating solely online, the company sells to customers throughout the UK and worldwide.

Building on the theme of innovation and to drive further growth, Chi Chi London enlisted the help of Tryzens to migrate its ecommerce site to Magento Commerce (M2). 

The migration has provided the retailer with a powerful, modern, agile and responsive platform, which will revolutionise the way it interacts with its customers. 

New flexibility 

It was imperative that the new offering would be able to scale to meet high traffic demand and also be easily extended to new geographies and currencies with minimal effort.

Tryzens built in new flexibility - which will improve the customer experience and enable the retailer to update its product ranges in real-time - and  added new payment and delivery mechanisms to the site, extending Chi Chi London’s reach in international markets.

Chi Chi London said: “Our product lines are changing constantly to meet the needs of our fashion-forward customers and by migrating to a new platform with Tryzens, we will have access to a range of new tools to bring our creations to life.”