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Carrefour announces new delivery scheme

By Retail Technology | Friday July 19 2019

French retail giant CarrefourÂ’s bid to become the leader in food ecommerce has taken a step forward with a new express delivery service

Carrefour is partnering with ‘everything app’ Glovo to enable urban consumers to benefit from a 30-minute delivery service, seven days a week.

The deal covers four countries, with exclusive rights in France, and allows Glovo to further develop its grocery segment and strengthen its geographic presence. 

Customers choose from a carefully-selected range of 2,500 products on the Glovo platform, across several categories including fresh produce, groceries and everyday items such as health & beauty and household goods. 

Glovo couriers then collect orders prepared in Carrefour Market, Carrefour City and Express stores which form an extensive network of stores. 

Products are delivered to customers by bicycle or scooter approximately 30 minutes after the order is placed. 

Service launch 

The partnership covers France, Spain, Italy and Argentina and will start operating by early October at the latest. 

Paris in France, Sevilla and Valencia in Spain, Milan and Rome in Italy, and Buenos Aires in Argentina will be among the first wave of cities to launch the service. 

Other cities will follow in the coming months depending on the country. 

"Carrefour is constantly looking for ways to deliver innovative services that make customers’ daily shopping experience easier. With this new partnership, Glovo and Carrefour will offer a 30-minute home delivery service that complements their existing ecommerce offers and allows them to address the needs of new customers," said Amélie Oudéa-Castéra, executive director of ecommerce, data and digital transformation at Carrefour. 

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