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Wilko completes category management makeover

By Retail Technology | Tuesday July 23 2019

Variety retailer Wilko has completed a roll-out of extensive category management solutions

The company, in less than 10 months, has rolled-out a broad range of SaaS-based JDA Category Management solutions including JDA Space Planning, JDA Floor Planning and JDA Category Knowledge Base.

These solutions will do everything from generating planograms to creating accurate macro- and micro-space allocations for all of its 5,000 items across more than 400 stores.

“This long-term strategy was designed to allow us to ‘grow by sorting the needs of Wilko families’ and is already delivering real benefits at Wilko, helping us drive customer satisfaction and value,” said Alison Hands, commercial execution director, Wilko. 

This successful deployment encompassed six strategic areas of customer value for Wilko which were:

 Deliver Wilko’s top 5,000 SKUs ranged in all their stores
 Remove slower moving products from stores
 Create an accurate micro space allocation with store-specific considerations
 Allocate macro space accurately and reduce oversized stores
 Drive accurate assortments in the right stores and the right times
 Help the Wilko team at Head Office and in stores to be the best they can be with a focus         on value-added activities for shoppers

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