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Weetabix optimising with wholesale analytics

By Retail Technology | Wednesday October 30 2019

Global cereal maker Weetabox is using analytics to optimise its product performance on wholesaler websites

The company has signed up to ecommerce analytics provider e.fundamentals’ wholesale service to monitor and optimise its online sales performance through wholesale and out-of-home channels.


e.fundamentals Wholesale will provide Weetabix with insights showing how its brands are performing online and the actions required to help improve sales through major wholesaler ecommerce sites - including Booker, Brakes, Bidfood and Bestway.


e.fundamentals Wholesale works by highlighting brand performance against six fundamentals proven to impact sales through delivered wholesale.  


Smart pricing


These include: getting product content right; managing smart pricing and promotion; and making sure products are easy to search, find and buy.  


Weetabix senior channel optimisation manager Ed Harman said: “Our challenge is to differentiate ourselves online as effectively as possible and e.fundamentals is now helping us do this with better sight of information, such as category pricing.”



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