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The tech behind the tackles at the Rugby World Cup

By Retail Technology | Wednesday November 13 2019

While there was plenty of drama on the pitch at the Rugby World Cup 2019, it was technology off the pitch that ensured the retail tills kept ringing

Legends International were appointed as the official retail partner and operator for the Rugby World Cup 2019 and they selected Bleep UK as the point of sale technology provider for this event, based on their track record supplying the world’s most prestigious events.


Bleep installed their proven, award-winning retail solution in 12 stadiums right across Japan, with retail shops at all stadia and in the fan zones. 


There was also a flagship 11,000 square foot megastore at Shinjuku Odakyu Park, Tokyo. All stores sold a range of team-branded goods, official licensed products and exclusive event memorabilia, including replica shirts, apparel, balls and souvenirs.


The solution deployed by Bleep featured a mix of traditional point of sale, handheld devices and self-service checkout kiosks, with the emphasis upon the speed of service, positive customer experience and user-friendly for staff and customers. 


Contactless payments


Bleep’s TS-813 Android EPOS terminal was selected as the perfect fit for the retail stores, complete with built-in printers, barcode scanners, and POS media video customer displays – showing a range of sponsor advertisements. 


Each terminal had an integrated payment device for ultra-fast and secure contactless payments. 


The Bleep V2 handheld POS device was used in the fan zones for hawking, mobile sales and queue busting, allowing more best sellers and smaller items to be sold during peak times.


All EPOS hardware, whether at the megastore, around or inside the stadia on a matchday or in the fan zones, sent live sales and stock data to W-BO (Web Back Office) for real-time reporting and stock control, viewable by management on any web-enabled device.



Nick Price, Chief Commercial Office, Legends International, said: “Central to any good retailer is your EPOS system. We have been extremely pleased with the solution we have provided through our partners, Bleep and Mastercard. Working with this solution has allowed us to bring our average transaction time down and we have enjoyed record sales at a truly memorable Rugby World Cup – proving to be the most successful in history.”