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SPONSORED NEWS: Philips redefines interaction with P-Cap

By Retail Technology | Monday March 30 2020

Philips P-Cap displays: interaction newly defined


Projected capacitive (P-Cap) touch monitors are a first choice in many environments. Four Philips models are currently available: the 242B9T (23.8‘‘), the 222B9T (22‘‘) and 162B9T (15.6‘‘) with 16:9 wide aspect ratio, and 172B9T (17‘‘) with 5:4 standard aspect ratio. More models will follow. Philips monitors are already available in many sizes and variants for a diverse range of applications. 


The advantages and application scenarios of these new products are explained  in an interview with César Reyes  Acosta, Touch Screen Monitors Product Manager at Philips monitor Europe.

Where is the use of P-Cap touch monitors particularly recommended?

More and more of our customers rely on projective P-CAP touch monitors to build their solutions for the new digital world trends and automatize their services areas. They are widely used for different purposes as for example point of sale, point of information and education applications, and in a wide range of industries as retail, entertainment and HoReCa. 

What role do point of information and the education sector play as areas of application?

In fact, P-Cap models are increasingly becoming the first choice here as well. They give users – whether in museums, galleries or public institutions – a perfect user experience thanks to a natural, fluid touch response based on 10-point touch technology. In the education sector for classroom and laboratories for example, it also gives the student the possibility to interact and have a more dynamic learning process.

What advantages does P-Cap offer and how robust and flexible are the Philips models?

In terms of the screen, the technology is characterised by fast touch interface response and enables extremely precise operation, which in turn ensures a very fluid user experience. They are protected against dust and water drops thanks to the IP54 certification and with a 7H hardness glass. Regarding the stand, the monitors are equipped with a continuously adjustable Z-shaped stand, the SmartStand, for height adjustment and tilting of the display. When it comes to connectivity, the monitors also offer maximum comfort thanks to HDMI 1.4, DVI-D, VGA and DisplayPort 1.2 as well as USB 3.1 ports with quick charging function.

How will the market develop?

The market will continue to grow, aligned to the new digital challenges and opportunities that we are currently facing in the world. The benefit of automatization and productivity will continue to be key priority not also for the big corporations, also apply for public sector, education, hospitality and small and medium business. Touch screens and P-Cap technology will play an important role in how we build the solutions that will bring these benefits into real, increasing productivity and a better user experience when interacting with digital information or applications.

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