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Marcolin focuses on replenishment software

By Retail Technology | Thursday March 5 2020

Luxury eyewear company Marcolin has deployed new forecastin and replenishment software

The implementation will allow it to optimise stock levels and automate replenishment to its distribution partners, notably large optical retail chains in 125 countries.

Named “MORE” (Marcolin Order Replenishment Evolution), the project with Aptos will enable Marcolin Group to make increasingly accurate, demand-driven inventory decisions and achieve heightened levels of collaboration with its network of distributors.

Alberto Fratantonio, MORE project leader, said: “As part of the MORE initiative – and with the recent Aptos deployment – we have established a collaborative forecasting process in which optical retail chains participating in MORE share their sales data directly with Marcolin Group. These insights into demand become inputs into an automated replenishment process, allowing us to supply the right products at the right time to the retailers offering our products.”

Marcolin sells almost 14 million eyeglasses each year.




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