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Sonos boosts online sales capture

By Retail Technology | Tuesday May 12 2020

Luxury speaker brand and retailer Sonos has improved audience targeting online with new technology

Sonos had been falling victim to a consumer behaviour known as ‘reverse showrooming’, where consumers research the product online and show intent to buy but would then require the tactile experience of seeing and testing the speakers in-store to complete a purchase.

In spite of efforts to expand its ecommerce footprint, Sonos found that it couldn’t convince customers to convert onsite rather than in-store – a particular problem with non-essential retail stores closed under UK lockdown.

Understanding the need to better recognise, market to and convert site visitors, Sonos partnered with BounceX to help them identify their online customers, determine where they were on their sales journey and find ways to move them along the path to purchase.

Conversion path

BounceX’s targeted and personalised marketing solution has provided Sonos with the ability to identify customers’ onsite, understanding the conversion path and remarketing to consumers. 

This has meant it could deploy additional onsite campaigns to improve customer experience and better nurture visitors, as well as brand appropriate email capture modals that grow its addressable database. 

Sonos saw a 12x return on spend and on-site identification rates rise significantly, to 21% of site traffic, aiding more productive retargeting and revenue capture efforts.

Sean Knotts, senior ecommerce manager at Sonos, said: “The premium level of onboarding and strategic service from BounceX ensured that we got up and running quickly and enabled us to see immediate—and impactful—return on spend.”



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