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La Perla adds analytics platform

By Retail Technology | Tuesday July 7 2020 | UPDATED 07.07.20

Luxury lingerie retailer La Perla has selected a new planning and analytics platform as part of its digital transformation

As part of a strategy to modernise the La Perla operations and increase efficiency, the retailer identified Board International as having the capability to bring dispersed data together and streamline financial and operational planning and analytics.

Board was selected thanks to its wide range of use cases, as well as the flexibility of the platform which will allow La Perla to evolve its use of the technology as the business grows.

The breadth of the platform’s capabilities was also a driving force in La Perla’s selection, as it will allow the company to remove point solutions, such as visualisation, business intelligence and analytics tools, from across the business, simplifying the technology stack and reducing IT costs. 

Gavin Fallon, general manager UK, Nordics, and South Africa, for Board International said: “In today’s fast-paced, data-rich environment, making quick and effective decisions is critical. Our platform will give La Perla the flexibility it needs and ensure it’s able to quickly keep pace with the demands of the market.”



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