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Natural Baby Shower booms with ID software

By Retail Technology | Tuesday July 7 2020

Eco-friendly baby products retailer Natural Baby Shower has seen revenue boom with new on-site identification software

Natural Baby Shower’s online business is one of its main sales channels and became even more important when non-essential retail had to close during the covid-19 lockdown.

However, as Natural Baby Shower looked to grow its online business, identifying enough of its on-site visitors became a challenge.  This meant that while it was investing in driving traffic to its site to acquire customers, once shoppers reached the site, it couldn’t then segment and personalise messages to them effectively. 

Partnering with BounceX (soon to be Wunderkind), Natural Baby Shower has not only been able to grow its marketing list five-fold, but it can now identify and segment online shoppers to deliver personalised messages, based on an individual shopper’s buying intent signals, at the right time. 

Digital revenue

Since implementing the solution, the retailer has seen a 5.5X growth in revenue from its email channel, with BounceX driving 11% of its total digital revenue.  It has also taken the customer data from BounceX to power its email sends via Klaviyo, allowing it to remarket to shoppers with abandon cart information, price drop notifications, and tailored content.

This has enabled Natural Baby Shower to move customers further along the buying journey, in a supportive and personalised manner, that increases the likelihood of a conversion and drives more revenue.

Natural Baby Shower co-founder Clifton Vaughan said:  “Email is now our strongest revenue source by far and the ROI we’re seeing through this channel is significant.”