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The Jewellery Channel recoups lost revenue with billing technology

By Retail Technology | Wednesday July 15 2020

Shopping channel and online retailer The Jewellery Channel (TJC) has recouped 35% of lost revenue with new billing technology

TJC’s BudgetPay service allows consumers to buy jewellery with interest free credit so that they can pay for a product in up to five monthly instalments, the first of which is taken on the day of purchase which is when the product is sent to the customer.

The remaining payments are taken automatically from the same card every month. That is, of course, until a payment fails, leaving TJC out of pocket.

Vindicia’s billing technology, powered by big data, can identify why a payment has failed and can automatically try different methods to ensure that the full payment is completed with minimal disruption to the customer.

Vindicia also teams with Paysafe, which accepts and processes payments from a wide range of different providers, to ensure as much revenue as possible is recovered.