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Barbour boosts on-site ID and online revenue

By Retail Technology | Friday July 24 2020

Outerwear fashion brand and retailer Barbour has improved on-site identification by 26% and increased online revenues eight-fold with new software

Before COVID-19, Barbour ran its own ecommerce customer data acquisition campaigns in-house.  However, as it looked to scale its online operations, the fashion brand recognised the need to invest in technology to support its ambitious growth plans and deliver enhanced customer experience on-site.

With an extensive and proven track record, Barbour partnered with Wunderkind (formerly BounceX) to help improve onsite identification so that it could personalise engagement and grow its customer community.

Amy-Lee Cowey, global ecommerce & digital head at Barbour, said: “We needed to ensure that the data we were collecting was robust and could stand the test of time.  To do this, we wanted to give our customers the best possible experience of signing up and being part of our communication journey, and we were confident Wunderkind could do this effectively.”

Buying intent

Implementing Wunderkind’s real-time identification solution, which personalises the right message to the right shopper based on their buying intent, Barbour was able to organically grow its customer database–which proved especially important as it continued to trade online during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Using a targeted welcome journey, overlays, and pop-ups, Barbour increased onsite identification rates by 26% and almost doubled its monthly sign ups. 

Barbour also used Wunderkind as its own sales channel, regarding the solution as a contributor to customer lifetime value, growth of its returning consumer base, and channel mix.  As a result, Barbour has seen an 8x return on spend in the last 60 days.



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