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Validify launches Covid retail recovery survey

By Retail Technology | Monday August 10 2020

Key decision-maker study aims to assess the impact of Covid-19 on digital transformation roadmaps

Since the start of the lockdown, Validify has spoken to dozens of retailers in the community and heard how they have used innovation to adapt quickly and how the crisis has changed their roadmap priorities.

Validify has been encouraged by the resilience and versatility of retailers and their ability to adopt innovation quickly in order to cope with the rapidly changing circumstances. Fortunately, the UK retail sector is one of the most technologically advanced in the world and this has helped many to mitigate some of the most negative effects of the pandemic.

In these circumstances it is more valuable than ever to share ideas and best practice. So, we have commissioned a survey to capture the views of leading retailers on the pandemic’s impact on their digital transformation roadmap and priorities, and to identify their primary areas of focus for the coming months.

Validify will use the findings as the basis of a report that we hope will give retailers some macro-level insight into how the sector is responding.

The five-minute survey is now open to respondents and Validify is urging any retail decision maker to respond -

All respondents will receive an early copy of the report and Validify’s media partner, will also share the results in its news coverage.

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