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Retail Racing to take off in September

By Retail Technology | Tuesday August 18 2020

The rescheduled Retail Racing 2020 event will take place September 22-23.

It will be another day of racing action as guests take part in a series of driving challenges and compete for the prestigious Retail Racing Champion 2020 crown.

The required COVID safety measures are all in place for the informal network event that takes place the night before with the following day seeing a full day of racing at Palmersport - again fully COVID prepared. Platinum partners for the event are DotDigital and emerchantpay with Klarna, Scurri and Taggstar in full support and Retail Technology as media partner.

Given the impact on retail over the recent months, the event will be a great opportunity to meet friends and colleagues from within the retail industry and to share experiences and insights face to face.

If you are interested in attending as a Retail Competitor or a Retail Technology Solution provider looking to engage with top class retail brands, please get in touch at