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Toyota and Lexus rev up customer insights

By Retail Technology | Thursday September 17 2020

Vehicle brands Toyota and Lexus have selected new customer insights technology to transform customer product reviews

Feefo’s AI-powered transparent customer feedback platform will provide both companies with a next-generation system.

Toyota and Lexus will use the Feefo platform to customise how it requests feedback from genuine customers, promoting their honest and transparent ratings next to each model on their websites.

Ewan Shepherd, director, Lexus UK said: “Feefo will provide our customers with the trustworthy, independent insights they need, at a time of great change in the automotive market.”

Feedback insights

Feefo’s Smart Themes tool gives prospective customers of both brands immediate access to the most relevant feedback insights as they decide which vehicle or specification to buy.

The tool provides Toyota and Lexus, with critical insights, revealing trends in what purchasers think about any aspect of a vehicle.

Feefo ensures that all feedback is authentic by matching it to a legitimate transaction, in order to increase consumer confidence and enable businesses to make smarter business decisions from fast access to real customer insights.



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