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Stella McCartney smartens up finances

By Retail Technology | Wednesday September 23 2020 | UPDATED 24.09.20

Luxury lifestyle brand Stella McCartney is working with a new platform to transform financial consolidation and lease accounting

Stella McCartney is working with Board International to automate financial consolidation from multiple locations worldwide, replace manual and time-consuming consolidation activities, model the impact of different scenarios on financial performance and achieve full lease accounting compliance with ease, for IFRS 16.

Sandra Federighi-Oni, CFO, Stella McCartney said: "Board’s expertise in automating and analysing key financial reporting to obtain new insights, by simulating what-if scenarios adds a new dimension to our strategic financial planning.”

Stella McCartney has collections available in more than 100 countries and 53 freestanding stores including London, New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Milan, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing.




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