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Henri Lloyd goes digital-first

By Retail Technology | Friday October 9 2020 | UPDATED 12.10.20

Sailing fashion brand Henri Lloyd is pivoting to a digital-first, direct-to-consumer (DTC) only business model

In response to the accelerated digitisation of retail, Henri Lloyd is partnering with ecommerce DTC platform Centra due to its focus on customisation and digital on-brand experiences as well as having the scalability required to meet Henri Lloyd’s ambitious growth targets. 

New product development and design at Henri Lloyd is managed by an in-house team split between Manchester, Sweden and Italy, with six bi-monthly product ‘drops’ across the year. 

The overall product range is split 50/50 between technical products and apparel, with approximately 40% of product for use at sea and the remainder for on land. 

Each ‘drop’ is staggered for release online at the appropriate point for the consumer moment, creating highly relevant product with different variants.

Digital brand

Tailored to the needs of a modern digital brand, the new site makes use of Centra’s “Display” functionality to present products in the most compelling way to each visitor.

It’s digital-first approach, coupled with an international business structure, is designed to  position Henri Lloyd to meet the ongoing trading challenges created by Covid-19 and Brexit. 

Graham Allen, head of sales marketing at Henri Lloyd, said: “Covid-19 created a situation that made us very innovative as a team and coupled with an explosion of business during the lockdown has pushed us to further hone our customer relationships.  Operating as a pure DTC brand we have embedded a new level of responsiveness into the business. We have shifted our strategy to focus on what our customers want and need from us on a daily basis and so grow the emotional connection with them.”









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