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Samsonite improves on-site ID

By Retail Technology | Tuesday October 20 2020 | UPDATED 19.10.20

Luggage maker and retailer Samsonite has improved its on-site identification rate to 24.5% of traffic with new technology

Samsonite built a highly optimised abandonment email programme to help nurture shoppers at the consideration stage of their buying journey but turned to Wunderkind to help scale its email remarketing channel. 

With a mix of advanced technology, tactics, and consultancy services, Wunderkind helped the retailer identify and recognise more of its web traffic down to an email address, allowing Samsonite to improve its on-site identification rate to 24.5% of traffic.

This enabled the brand to dramatically increase its triggered email reach by 8.6x, which improved Samsonite’s cross-channel customer experience and recovered more abandoned revenue. 

Digital revenue 

Revenues as a result of the activation saw a six-fold increase and, just a month after launch, Wunderkind was contributing 7.24% of Samsonite’s total digital revenue.

Jay Nigrelli, VP of ecommerce at Samsonite, said: “Wunderkind’s technology allows us to grow our email database, recognise more shoppers on-site, and deploy high-converting behavioural emails at an unprecedented rate, all with minimal resources and time invested on our end.”